1. Just go to search.fossilfinder.org (or click the enter fossilfinder button in the menu) and you can get started right away from there. You can do a few classifications without logging in but best thing to do is register for an account and then you’ll be able to get going.

      I hope that helps – if not just drop us another note


      1. Thanks for you reply. I’ve registered with zooniverse – is that right?
        And I’ve done a couple of classifications – great fun. How should I use the “favourite” and “collect” buttons?
        To help us with classifying, how about setting up a “square” with examples of all the different things that are of interest? Then we can see, for example, basalt next to pumice, quartz next to calcrete and so on.

  1. Great site!
    I had a little go at this and enjoyed the experience.

    My 2 shillings (for what they are worth!)

    I think you need to incorporate a more extensive teaching section before commencing the image search – as you never know how experienced your online assistants are!
    I have done some fossil hunting in East Africa so have some background knowledge and experience and I still found it a little tricky.

    more images of what the various categories are supposed to look like/not look like.
    Also some practice images with things in to train peoples eyes onto what they are looking for/at.
    i.e. in this image there is x,y,z, point them out… is there any thing else? you missed a,b,c

    I think a few of these will get whoever is going through the images engaged (particularly young users) and get all online assistants more up to caliber, and hopefully less images counted with false positives and especially less images discounted which have something of great importance – cranium piece, tooth!

    Oh and maybe some way to go full screen with the search image.
    Hope these suggestions are useful.
    Great initiative!
    Now all you need is for it to go viral.

    1. Tony Blinks sums up all of the concerns I have. I can mark things that look unusual, but would like some feedback so that I can train my eye to the site. Thanks

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