Rock, Clasts & Minerals

There are several different rock types that can be found in our survey areas. Here is a pictorial overview to help you classify them on


Volcanic, Igneous

examples of basalt rock
examples of basalt rock


Sandstone boulders are sand coloured and come in various shapes and sizes. They can be anglular but don’t have sharp straight breakage planes.

There are several different types to look out for:
Fine Grained

fine grained sandstone
Fine grained sandstone

Coarse Grained
coarse grained sandstone
Coarse grained sandstone

Fossil Rich
A fossilised shell rich sandstone
A fossilised shell rich sandstone

They can also be ‘bioturbated’: during their formation animals burrowed and modified the structure.
a bioturbated sandstone block
Bioturbated sandstone block

Fossilised Wood